GEMSTONE Warriors!
Bombastic action and wholesome sincerity.

GEMSTONE Warriors is a one-sheet tabletop rpg based on saturday morning cartoon superheroes. In it you play an ordinary person who has recieved a gemstone from space, and must use the powers it has given you to fight off an alien invasion. It is a simple game designed for hort party sessions rather than sprawling campaigns and aims to capture the adventure and fun of saturday morning cartoons alongside the over-the-top action.


Huge action in a small game

GEMSTONE Warriors is a short-form single-sheet tabletop roleplaying game designed for single session play.  It is designed to offer a dynamic over-the-top and vibrant cartoonesque experience that captures the light hearted fun of saturday morning cartoons. With a simple dice roll system that allows you to do truly overpowered moves it’s a game about having fun and showing off much more than it is about winning.

Gem powered heroes

The characters in GEMSTONE Warriors all have a power bestowed upon them by their Gemstone. Every character will choose their gemstone and will have a power that starts with the same letter as it. They will also have a weakness based on another player’s gemstone. These are how the gemstone warriors combat the nefarious alien forces! In addition, all character will have a theme song, which gives them incredible power when it is playing, but cannot be rewinded during a session.



The pay-what-you-want download includes the one-page GEMSTONE Warriors! rpg and a page of printable character sheets. It is available here

Also included is a special bonus session intro mp3 file featuring performance from James Williamson and music composed by Aries Beats and used with permission. Find his music on Youtube.