Coffee & Chaos
A Comedy storytelling game about running a Cafe.

Coffee & Chaos is a rules-lite comedy storytelling game about running a cafe while things go horribly - and hilariously - wrong around you. It's built to create short sitcom-esque sessions and works well with existing groups and characters - although can be played just fine with brand new ones.  It will be coming to Kickstarter soon where you can get a printed copy of the game in a menu format along with a lot of other goodies (including stickers and a mug!). We're very excited, and we hope you are too. 


Cutlery based comedy


Coffee & Chaos uses cutlery as a core game element! Instead of attributes you choose how your character approaches problems, symbolised by the different types of Cutlery: knives are direct, forks are creative and spoons are considered.
Your cutlery is then spent or wagered on actions with roleplay of how the problem is being approached! This encourages roleplay and inventive storytelling around the various Catastrophies and Sanfus that crop up while running your cafe! It also means....


Made for existing characters

Coffee & Chaos is built to work exceptionally well with existing characters and groups. Do you want to see how your Dungeon delving team would deal with running a tavern? How would your squad of cyber heisters cope when put in charge of the local synth club? Would your group of vampires be able to make the coffee shop on the corner work? Coffee & Chaos gives you a way to answer these burning questions (that you definitely have, obviously). It works very well for one-off holiday sessions, or for alternate universe comedy games. Of course, existing characters are not required though.


 Coffee & Chaos will be coming to Kickstarter soon!

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