About us

CobblePath Games is a team of two friends who love gaming. The challenge of game creation began as a hobby for us many years ago, and remains something we take great delight in. After completing our flagship project, we decided to join forces officially as CobblePath Games, under which we can publish our work for others to enjoy.


Jack Milton

A creative designer and artist with a critical eye and a passion for game mechanics which are thematically relevant to their game. He is an avid gamer and roleplayer, with an appreciation for unique or clever narrative methods. Rarely without an idea bubbling away in the back of his mind, Jack is the driving force of making CobblePath Games’ projects a reality.

Steph Williamson

A long time horror enthusiast with a degree in creating theatre, and a Masters in ancient history specialising in mythical monsters.  She has been involved in tabletop gaming, and in particular tabletop role play, since a young age, both as a player and a game master.   Alongside the macabre, she enjoys thrilling tales of suspense and mystery - writing them, as much as reading, watching or playing them. 


COBBLEPATH GAMES LTD (Company number 12295747)
Registered in England and Wales at 73 The Square, Bristol, BS16 1GZ